List Your Cottage

Avoid extra booking fees from sites like VRBO, HomeAway and AirBNB. We charge ONE yearly fee with no additional charges to owners OR renters during the booking process. offers property owners unique listing advantages:

  • Initial listing fee of $100
  • Yearly fee (renewal) of $250; fee includes basic updates to your listing.
  • Total first-time fee: $350
  • Private, easy to use booking calendar management
  • Ability to avoid blind booking – communicate with your renters before they book
  • Website analytics updates
  • Technical assistance with your listing
  • You may cancel your listing or choose not to renew it. You are not locked into a contract.

From 11/1/2020 to 11/1/2021, had 37,000 page views from almost 7,000 users. Users came from 50/50 states, and from 42 countries around the globe. These numbers have steadily increased since the site launched in 2017!

We are currently seeking cottage/home/condo rentals in the following areas:

Glen Arbor/Glen Lake area
Empire, MI
Little Traverse Lake
Cedar, MI
Maple City, MI
Leland, MI

Yes, we are called “Glen Arbor Cottages,” but most visitors will expand their rental home scope to within 15 miles of one location. With so many attractive areas in Leelanau County, we all know that they simply can’t go wrong with the rental they choose.

Listing your property is easy. Simply click here to go to the registration form.

Email Molly ( if you have any questions!